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What is CareerFoundry?

CareerFoundry is the perfect opportunity for any dedicated individual to take the leap into the fastest growing economy in the world. Through a three-month educational program CareerFoundry enables you to be qualified for the job that you have always dreamed of. A personal mentor allows you to customize your learning experience according to your own strength and preferences.

Why CareerFoundry?

CareerFoundry is not simply another service provider offering online tutorials. A personal mentor as well as a customized learning experience in only three months, differentiates the educational program from other standardized providers on the market.

What does Wunschkandidaten offer?

Wunschkandidaten offers you to apply your recently acquired skills on the job market. A strong portfolio of partner companies in the IT sector allows us to offer various opportunities to help you start your new career as a developer and programmer.

How does it work?

After successfully passing the course program we will look for the best fitting job customized to your profile. If we will find the right company matching your profile, you will receive a 50% cash back on the CareerFoundry course fee.

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