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Wunschkandidaten’s focus is primarily based on Germany’s start-up and IT landscape. We want to help innovative firms finding the ideal match for their IT job vacancies, resulting in the growth of these companies to successfully compete in the bigger market. The majority of our carefully selected IT candidates represent an international background and are specialized on IT-relevant and engineering fields. However, we will certainly treat any other inquiry with the same professional and flexible approach in order to match our clients’ needs.

Our Focus

Focusing on the striving German Start-up scene, our motivation is to position competent and ambitious IT-experts in emerging and creative companies in order to achieve their goals. With our Portuguese Co-founder we are able to provide an extensive international network and fulfill a possible gap in supply and demand. By making use of our international network we enable our customers an entrance into otherwise hardly accessible labor markets filled with highly capable developers, programmers and engineers. We do not limit ourselves on specific nationalities or fields of our candidates. However, the vast majority is represented by EU-citizens with a background related to the IT industry. Nonetheless, to avoid communication problems, we require the candidates to have a fluent level of the English language. We will concentrate on removing barriers when it comes to international relocation that might be encountered on both, employer and employee’s behalf.  

Our Promise

Wunschkandidaten follows a strong code of ethics which is based on a high transparency towards all parties involved. We offer an efficient and direct way of working, as well as great care and individuality when needed. Every IT expert in our database has been previously interviewed by us and his or her background has been evaluated thoroughly. Therefore, we provide the companies in search with the relevant information and correspondent CV’s of the chosen candidate immediately – hereby we reinforce an effective pre-selection and a high possibility of a very productive match. As we work with foreign candidates, we are aware that we might encounter certain obstacles regarding labor migration regulations. However, as an IT-recruiting company and also as human beings, we work towards giving the best to help every single candidate settle through the most convenient way possible. Not only to adapt to a new environment and making them feel at home, but also to be as productive as needed to succeed in the new job.

Consultation Process for german Companies

In order to find you the best possible match we will adjust to your needs and preferences – however, the procedure is intended to stick to the following scheme:
1 Candidate Profile
Elaborate a specific search-profile
Determination of required qualifications
Set up a framework to follow
Close dialogue with you
2 Search Process
Internal database
(supplied by externally implemented acquisition tool on international labor market)
International university network
Internet // Print // Direct Search
3 Introduction
Presentation of suitable profiles
Facilitation of interviews

Our Offer for Developers

Wunschkandidaten offers a broad network of various enterprises located in the start-up oasis Berlin, as well as in other economic hot-spots of Germany. Our goal is to ease the access on the German labor market for highly educated EU citizens specialized in the IT-sector. By focusing on individuality and providing a personalized service to both sides that we work with, we are determined to provide the best possible matches between company and employee.

Who are we looking for?

Ideally we would find the perfect job for all candidates. However, we concentrate on positioning candidates from IT-related professions. Our Job Portal covers opportunities in all kinds of Computer Engineering Jobs in Germany; especially a diverse database of Computer Programming Jobs and Software Development Jobs including areas from Web Programming to System Administration. The vacancies offered range from first-entry level jobs to CTO positions – so don’t hesitate to contact us due to a lack in working experience, as we believe that everyone has to start somewhere.

Are you ready for your next big step in the IT industry in Germany? You only need to apply directly to one of the posted vacancies or if there is nothing that suits your profile at the moment, just send your application to [email protected]. We are looking forward to meet you!

Apply Here

We hereby provide a list of the latest Computer Progamming Job vacancies provided by our clients.
Click on the ID and directly apply for the IT-job opening of your interest.

The most important thing for Wunschkandidaten is to get to know you the best we can and to find the perfect IT-job for you! Therefore, we proceed with scheduling at least one personal interview with you (Skype calls are usually sufficient for the first contact) and we require a copy of the most recent version of your CV. As we get to this point, we will try our best to find the IT-job and company that perfectly matches your expectations and profile. Write us an e-mail to [email protected] or find relevant IT Jobs in Germany by applying directly on our Jobboard.

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