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Wunschkandidaten guarantees transparency in our pricing methods, therefore we have created 2 options for you that could best adapt to your needs. Through our different models we are aware that a successful working relationship between employer and employee, underlies several factors that cannot always be determined in advance. However and to reassure our interest in having happy customers, we only charge the correspondent fees when the customers are satisfied.


Model 1

Preis Modell 17,5%

The first pricing model relies on 3 payments during a probation time of 6 months. The final calculation will be based on a 17.5% from the annual gross salary of the employee hired. The first payment and second payment are due after the first month and second of employment correspondingly, and they both consist of 15% out of the determined 17.5%. The third and biggest payment which is 70% out of the same 17.5% is due in the third month. In case of a termination of the contract for any reason, we will not charge any pending fees. However, we do not refund any previously paid fees.

50% Off for Young Startups

As a young startup ourselves we know that one of the main goals for a young company is to save money; and finding a good team for your company can turn out to be hard and expensive sometimes. We created this model especially for young startups to provide them with a skilled team and help these companies grow and be successful.

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Model 2: More Flexibility

Preis Modell 20%
The second pricing model proves to have a lower payment risk due to the design of the payment method itself. Unlike the other pricing model, this is based on a 20% of the annual gross salary of the employee hired. The first and second payment consists of 20% of that 20% base, and are due after the first and second month correspondingly. This model is considered to be more flexible since the third and biggest payment (60% out of 20% base) is due in the end of the 6-month probation period. As mentioned before, pending fees will not be charged in case of termination of contract during probation period and we do not refund previous payments.

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